Just small story about us

Most people are fascinated by well-known product market, famous brands and their history‘s of origin.

What makes the brand great and why some of them grow higher than the peak of Mount Everest? It’s not easy to answer to this question. However, companies around the world spend millions every year, trying to rise up or keep their positions in the race of brands.

We are not big in this world. And our history may be meaningless for our customers. But it is important to us. Line4Line - a brand name, which embrace more than a decade of attemptions, dozens of countries, several thousand employees, associates, suppliers, colleagues ... This is the result of our long work, which stimulates different continents and cultures brings together in one common object - to provide a high quality product.

We built the shortest path - the line between the customer and the product. Since the brand is a very important aspect of the business sector, visually representing the company, we made sure that the Line4Line would be that shortest line, that quickest way to our clients, based on "selected suppliers from whole world”.- Where price corresponds to quality of the purchased item. Where it‘s always possible to do more than our customer expects.

We believe that our brand will be recognized and valued on the market, we hope to grow up and be relevant to you. And maybe one day an extraordinary number of people will have a wish to hear our simple story...