Ladder Clamps - Four Reasons to Use Ladder clamps


Ladder clamps are a simple securing device that you can use on your vehicle for a variety of purposes. The first purpose for using a ladder clamps is to simply secure a ladder to your truck's roof rack. To install a ladder clamp to your roof rack you simply screw it on using the hardware that comes with the holder. To use the clamp you simply follow the directions provided with the device to securely attach your ladder to the roof rack. If it is the rainy season you can also use the ladder clamp as a tethering point for a tarp which will protect your ladders and other pieces of equipment in your truck.

The second use for a ladder clamp is to stack two extension ladders together. Again follow the instructions provided with the device to make the most secure attachment. The benefit of attaching two ladders together is that it reduces the amount of damage cause to the ladders by jostling around in the back of your truck, and it also prevents the ladders from damaging other items in your truck. This strategy also works well with step ladders. If you decide to use the ladder clamp for this purpose you may also want to consider using a protective insert between the ladders to prevent scratching and damage to the tethered ladders. These inserts should be available in most hardware stores, and department stores that offer a ladder section.

The third use for a ladder clamp is to use them in place of ropes or tethers. In the past ropes and tethers have been used to secure ladders in a truck, or to tie them to your truck's roof rack. If you don't want to hassle with tangled or frayed nylon ropes, then you may want to consider using ladder clamp instead. They provide a safe and secure setting for your ladders that prevents them from moving around and causing damage to your equipment. They also provide a quick and dependable restraint that you can use over and over again.

The fourth use for using a ladder clamp is to reduce the threat of theft of your equipment when you are working at a worksite. Because of their design you can pad lock the ladder clamp to prevent people from being able to remove ladders from your truck's roof rack without your permission. This will also not only help to reduce thefts of your ladders, but it will also help you to keep track of your ladders when working in the field. You will have a specific place for your ladders at all times, and you will know where they are when they are not being used.

All of these reasons make using a ladder clamp practical. Ladder holders will protect your ladders, save you money on repairs, save you money on replacements, and it will save you money by keeping your ladders organized and ready for use. If you think that these are characteristics of a tool that you would be interested in, then the ladder clamp may be the tool for you.